Charity Purpose

The purpose of our charity is to support projects for emergency and general poverty relief  in the Philippines and we have developing relationships with NGOs and local officials to facilitate this in a transparent and efficient manner. We focus on long term projects designed to improve the quality of life for all communities.

Since 2013 we have been active in the Philippines and we are run strictly on a non religious, sectarian or political basis.

We are an independent charity which receives no help or any assistance from the UK or Scottish governments.

Why The Philippines?

There can be few lands that have suffered more in recent years from a series of severe weather events than the Philippines. With global warming and natural cycles such as El Nino , the inevitable trend for these catastrophes is likely to worsen.

Yet the energy , vitality and enterprise of the people coupled with improvements to governance truly holds out great prospects for this region to become another “South Eastern Tiger” , despite the problems caused worldwide by the Covid-19 virus. 

Additionally , the Philippines has one of the youngest demographics in the world with an average age of 23 (Japan = 47 , UK = 41 ) which DBS Bank of Singapore says will keep the economy growing faster than its Asian neighbours over the next 25 years. We believe that the huge potential for the region means that charitable activities , properly targeted and supported , can have a real and lasting effect.

For decades , there has been a harmonious interchange between our two countries. Filipinos are noted for their traditional high level of compassion and empathy , as well as being fluent English speakers and are excellent assets in the UK healthcare system. Over 15,000 filipinos are nurses in the NHS ( the UK state healthcare system ) and over 30,000 are employed in the public and private sector looking after the elderly and disabled. With numbers of EU nationals in the NHS already reducing and set to decline further following the end of free movement within the EU, recruiters estimate this number will rapidly increase to over 100,000 in the UK care sector by the late 2020’s. 

elninoEl Nino
Emergency harvest before flooding kills crops


TTF Feeding Program

Flood Control Walls

filipina nurse

 Filipina nurse in NHS