About TTF

Tower Telecom Foundation ( TTF )

We are a UK registered charity ( Registration SC044075 ) founded in 2013. Our head office is in Scotland , United Kingdom and we are regulated by the OSCR, the Scottish governmental Charity Regulator. We are also a full member of SCVO , the  national membership organisation for Scotland’s charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises.

In terms of gross income and distribution over the last decade , the charity is one of the largest charities in Scotland operating exclusively in the Philippines and South East Asia. 


In accordance with the charity ethos , while the governance is in the UK, TTF outsources as much of our administration as possible to the Philippines, such as accounting and auditing, website design and maintenance, social networking, marketing and project research.

We work in partnership with all levels of government – including barangay and LGU ( local government unit ) levels and other charitable partners to identify, develop and deliver targeted programmes.

We train and empower our local volunteers so that they find fulfillment in their work.


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